Free introductory flights for adults thinking of getting a pilot's licence

If you have an idea that you might want
to learn to fly, take advantage of EAA's Eagle Flights program and sign up for a free introductory flight with an EAA Chapter 501 member/aircraft owner.

Many of our EAA Chapter 501 members own their own airplanes and are located at many New Jersey and New York airports. Some of these include Essex County Airport, Lincoln Park Airport and Aeroflex-Andover Airport in New Jersey as well as Orange County Airport in New York. They love to fly and look for excuses to go flying, especially on weekends with good weather. These are the same pilots who generously donate their time, aircraft and fuel to introduce kids to aviation with Young Eagles flights for kids ages 8 to 17.

EAA's new Eagle Flights program is for ADULTS ONLY, THAT'S YOU!!!!
It offers a relatively short, free, one-on-one introductory flight to individuals who need to be convinced that they ought to be taking flying lessons!

Here's how it works...

If you are thinking about learning to fly, come to one of our monthly Chapter meetings, meet our members and talk about flying for awhile. The next step might be to arrange an airborne introduction to flying. Ask to be signed up for a free Eagle Flight. Take the opportunity to express your desire to fly an Eagle Flight, and we'll match you up with an available Eagle Flight Mentor Pilot. If your schedule agrees with the availability of one of our pilots, you should be able to work out a date, time and place to go flying!

Your flight would originate from one of a half dozen airports in the area where our member/aircraft owners base their general aviation airplanes. There are a variety of makes and models, each of which is certificated for flight and the pilot current in all areas.

To follow up on your Eagle Flight we recommend you contact a nearby flight school such as Lincoln Park Airport's Aero Safety Training to start your training!

Our EAA Chapter 501 web site at will tell you when and where our next monthly Chapter meeting is scheduled. To get your questions answered, by all means contact any of the Chapter officers or committee chairmen listed on the website.

The EAA national organization has more information on the Eagle Flights program at