USS Gearing's 1965 Mediterranean cruise
stretched over four months, from 9 August 1965
to 18 December 1965, sailing from and returning to
homeport Newport, Rhode Island. We were attached to the
Sixth Fleet for only half of the time. The other half was
a two month assignment to the Middle East Force. MIDEASTFOR
was comprised entirely of two destroyers patrolling the Red Sea,
the Arabian Sea and the Persian Gulf plus the Admiral's flagship,
a converted seaplane tender that stayed moored in Bahrain.

Click below on the four sections
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  • Part 1: 6 pages.
    Cover, Bill Latta's drawings, list of ports of call,
    dedication, ship's history.

  • Part 2: 14 pages.
    The Gearing family namesakes, CO CDR James W. Martin,
    XO LCDR Christopher S. Lardis, Message from the CO,
    chart of ship's departments,
    ASW Department: Fox, First and Second Divisions

  • Part 3 - 17 pages.
    Engineering Department: "B" "M" and "R" Divisions,
    Operations Department: "OC" and "OI" Divisions,
    Supply Department.

  • Part 4: 32 pages.
    Ponta del Gada, Azores; Beirut, Lebanon; Muscat, Oman;
    Bahrain, Persian Gulf; Massawa, Ethiopa; Naples;
    Monaco; Malaga, Spain; Palma, Mallorca.
    Listing of Popular Pubs of the Med and Middle East;
    assorted photos; Bill Latta's hand drawn cruise map.