USS Gearing's 1966-1967 Mediterranean cruise
was almost four months long, from 28 November 1966
to 20 March 1967, sailing from and returning to
homeport Newport, Rhode Island. In addition to
considerable time at sea in the Med. exercising with
many units of the Sixth Fleet, we visited liberty
ports in Italy, Mallorca, Tunisia, Greece and Malta,
and stopping briefly at Gibralter for both INCHOP
and OUTCHOP turnovers

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  • Part 1: 6 pages.
    Cover, Bill Latta's drawings, list of ports of call,
    ship's history, the Gearing family.

  • Part 2: 15 pages.
    COMDESDIV 242 Commander Charles E. Johnson,
    CO CDR Russell Alfred Marcellus,
    XO LCDR Christopher S. Lardis, Dedication,
    table of the ship's departments,
    Weapons Department: First and Second Divisions,
    ASW Division, DASH Division.

  • Part 3 - 21 pages.
    Operations Department: "OC" and "OI" Divisions,
    Supply Department.
    Engineering Department: "B" "M" and "R" Divisions,

  • Part 4: 25 pages.
    Naples; Palma, Mallorca; Sfax Tunisia; Athens and Kavalla Greece;
    Valetta, Malta; Photos... transfer at sea, Christmas Day at Naples,
    underway at sea and arrival home at Newport; map of the Mediterranean Sea.