Do you know the engineer and bow hook?

George Jones (BM3, 56-59) is coxswain on the tiller.
George forwarded this photo of USS Gearing DD-710's motor whale boat and crew.
It was taken in the summer of 1957 off of Crete.
Can anyone identify the engineer and bow hook for us?

Please email both George and this webpage author, Don Provost (Ltjg 64-67).

The above request was posted in August 2007.

Oct. 8, 2011: Ray Bento (GMGSN 56-60) says HE is the bowhook!

Dec. 18, 2012: Leiton Larson says the bow hook looks like his dad, Dale Larson, (SN 56-?).

Mar. 24, 2016: Carl Grimmett (SFP3 57-61) says the boat engineer looks like Don Smith (BT3 58-61).

Are we closing in on the correct IDs??? Let us know!

George Jones:
Don Provost: