Questions about this photo? Ask photographer Bob Witkowski (FTG3 65-66).

USS Gearing Association's Hospitality Room at the Dubuque Holiday Inn was the central
meeting place for the reunion every day, and featured historical exhibits and refreshments.

Gearing ladies Edith McDougall
and Lillian Lodwick at the sign-in desk
L to R: Unidentified Gearing lady, Tom Hughes
(SOG2 45-46, plankowner), Warren Groeneman
(SOM2 45-46, plankowner)
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L TO R: Lief Ericksen (BM2 47-52), Tom Howard
(ETSN 50-54), Tom Hughes (SOG2 45-46 plankowner),
Bill Kenelley (BMSN 57-60), Russ Sickles (RD2 50-54)
L to R: Bob Economou (SO3 52-54), Dave Chapelle
(EN3 53-56), Joe Fern (Captain 51-53)