At the banquet...

Diane and Don Hentges (EM2 58-61), Dubuque reunion hosts,
were assisted by family members including, pictured here,
granddaughters Audrey and Sarah.

Dinner entertainment started off with
salty sea stories by this barbershop quartet.

Crewmembers from the 50's...
L to R, Front row: Sam Stewart (MM1 55-58), Bob Calhoun (MM3 55-59), Don Hentges (EM2 58-61),_____,_____.
Back row: Jack Hubbard (MM2 56-62), Mike Norfolk (BMC 54-62), John Reeves (SN 56-58),_____,
Harold Hollifield (MM3 55-58), Dave Petrie (SN 56-58), _____, Ray Bento (GMSN 56-60), Paul Zang (SK3 53-56),
Wally Prince (DC3 56-58 and host of the 2001 reunion in Las Vegas on May 6-9.)
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