Stories swapped in the hospitality room...

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Donald Weed (MM3 50-54) and
Conrad Hebert (MM2 48-52)

Bill Speer (Ltjg 50-51)
and Jim Orr (DK2 50-54)

Sheila and John Koller (GMG3 66-69)

Doug Dobson (RD2 62-64 and 2004 reunion host
at Salt Lake City), Dave Cooley (BT3 64-66)
and Vern Black (RD2 61-64).

Ann and John Reeves (SN 56-58)
and Bob Witkowski (FTG3 65-6)

Bob Hayler (Capt., USN, Ret., and LCdr, Exec. Officer
and Plankowner 45-46) shows Gerry Clement (RD1 51-55)
his signature in the deck log of USS Gearing's
commissioning ceremony on 3 May 1945.

Wendell Hopper (GM3 52-56), George Weber
(FPG3 51-55) and Helen Gribick

Russ Sickles (RD2 50-54), Auggie Tomenillie (EN2 51-55)
and Ron Elwell (PC2 68-70)

Marie Pearsall (Frank Pearsall F1C 46-47)
and Lorene Patton (Joe Patton F1C 45-46)
selling raffle tickets for quilts.
Drawing was at the banquet.