Memorial service on the Gato class submarine USS Cod (SS-224).

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Roy LeClaire (SN 57-60), USS Gearing Association Chairman
Bob Calhoun (MM3 55-59), and Bob Flynn (BTC 46-56).

USS Gearing Association Chaplain
Tom Hughes (SOG2 45-46, and
Plankowner) conducts the service
to honor departed Gearing shipmates.

Bob Calhoun tolls the bell, held by ______
Hentges, son of Don Hentges (EM2 58-61 and
year 2000 reunion host in Dubuque). At right
is Plankowner Frank Schleis (BM2 45-46).

___?___ has a look through
the periscope at...

Tom Hughes tries out his GQ
station on the 40mm gun mount.

Conrad Hebert (MM2 48-52), ___?___, ___?___, Simone LeBourdais (David Lebourdais,
PHM1 44-45, plankowner), and Amy Chappelle (David Chappelle, EN3 53-56).