Auction fundraiser, business meeting and banquet.

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USS Gearing Association Chairman Bob Calhoun
(MM3 55-59) holds auction item up for display.

Auctioneer Carl Lloyd (RM3 45-46 and plankowner)
is assisted by Patty Calhoun.

In the front row at the auction are...
Scott Coy (FN 52-54 and Cleveland reunion host), David Chappelle (EN3 53-56),
Philip Meilak (CSSN 62-64) and Joan Witkowski (Bob Witkowski FTG3 65-66).

USS Gearing Association membership 5 Year Pins were awarded by Chairman Bob Calhoun to...
Paul Zang (SK3 53-56), ____?____, Chairman Calhoun,
____?____, Philip Meilak (CSSN 62-64), Bob Perreault (QM3 64-66).

15 Year Pins were awarded to...

Front row: Bob Flynn (BTC 46-56), ___?___, Tom Howard (ETSN 52-54), Joe Patton (F1C 45-46), and Earl Schneck (BTG1 45-47, plankowner).

Back row: Dan Donahue (FTG3 65-66), ____?____, Gerald Leroy Casey (GMG3 60-62), Leo Dougherty (RM2 67-68), Conrad Hebert (MM2 48-52), hidden-David Chappelle (EN3 53-56), ____?____, Bob Witkowski (FTG3 65-66), Bill "Leif" Erickson (BM2 47-52).

At the banquet, Cleveland reunion hosts Joyce and
Scott Coy (FN 52-54) are thanked for their hours of
hard work organizing this large and very successful event.

At each reunion banquet the Table of Honor
is set with an empty seat to remember
all the shipmates who have served with us,
those who have gone before us
and those who will follow.

Joan and Bob Witkowski (FTG3 65-66), Ann and John Reeves (SN 56-58),
Majorie Lee with Roland Costen (YN2 64-66),
Paul Althouse (Ltjg 64-66), Charlene and Bob Perreault (QM3 64-66).