Hospitality room at the Ramada....

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Bob Perreault (QM3 64-66) and CWO2 John
Thibadeau, USN retired (BM3 62-66)

Buck O'Connor (GMG2 60-61), Richard Hendricks
(PN1 68-69), Ron Elwell (PC2 68-70)

At the registration desk...
On the left, reunion hosts Maureen and Roy LeClaire (SN 57-60). On the right, Association Chairman Bob Calhoun (MM3 55-59), standing, and Vice Chairman Harold Hollifield (MM3 55-58).

Steve Peelish (FP2 53-55) and year 2000 DuBuque
reunion host Don Hentges (EM2 58-61)

Frank Schleis (BM2 45-46, plankowner) stands by some of the displays of memorabilia which are set up at each Gearing reunion and are the result of much hard work by Association Historian George Jones (BM3 56-59), Frank Schleis and a number of other Gearing shipmates. Copies of every daily page of the Gearing's deck log are on display in 3 ring binders, covering more than half the years of the ship's lifespan. Each year the Gearing Association purchases from the Navy records people in Washington more pages of the missing years using money raised at the reunion auction.

Bill Underwood (MMFN 57-59), Richard "Pete" Peters
(MM3 58-60) and Steven Ferguson (MM3 56-59)

Dot and Fred Hoffman (BT2 48-52)

Jane and Darrell Keene (MM3 52-56)

Bill Kennelly (BMSN 57-60), Bill "Mac" McEvoy
(YN3 55-58) and Michelle McEvoy

Warren Groeneman (SOM2 45-46, plankowner)
and Russell Sickles (RD2 50-54)

Jack Cole (QM2 70-72), Roy Roberle (QM2 68-72)
and Ray Garceau (QM2 68-71)

Frank Schleis (BM2 45-46, plankowner)
and Dave Petrie (SN 56-58) who was host
of the 1999 reunion at Albuquerque