May 5, 2003 Memorial service at the
SUBVETS WWII National Submarine Memorial, East, in Groton, Connecticut

The sail of the Gato Class submarine Flasher
stands at the site. Flasher is credited
with sinking more enemy tonnage during the
war (24 ships, 150,000 tons,) and more
enemy tonnage in a single action than
any other U.S. submarine.

Conducting the ceremonies are reunion host Roy LeClaire
(SN 57-60), USS Gearing Association Chaplain Tom Hughes, Jr. (SOG2 45-46, plankowner), Association Chairman Bob Calhoun
(MM3 55-59) and Frank Schleis (BM2 45-46, plankowner)

The memorial site has plaques for each of the 52 boats lost, and the Wall of Honor lists the 3,617 names of submariners who died in the World War II period from December 1941 to September 1945.