At ease - lunch and hospitality room

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After the USS Slater tour we crossed the river to Rensselaer
and on to East Greenbush and had lunch at the Melvin Roads
American Legion Post #1231. During the welcoming ceremony,
__________ of the Renneslaer County New York government
presented a "proclamation" from County Executive Kathleen
Jimino recognizing USS Gearing Association for its service
to Gearing veterans. Accepting the certificate is Association
Chairman Dave Petrie (SN 56-58).
Also welcoming the Gearing reunion members was George Basher
former Director of the N.Y. State Division of Veterans Affairs

Frank Schleis (BM2 45-46, Plankowner) displays his target drone
propeller which he later donated for sale at the auction fundraiser.
At a 1945 gunnery exercise Frank brought down the drone with
his 20 millimeter cannon. The drone crashed on USS Gearing's
fo'csle and the prop was salvaged as a trophy.

Joyce Coy (Scott Coy, FN 52-54) chats with Steve Peelish (FP2 53-55),
while Frank Schleis (BM2, 45-46, Plankowner)
shows off some of his memorabilia.

Roy Roberge (QM2 68-72), Ray Garceau (QM2 68-71)
and Wally Prince (DC3 56-58)

Our Albany host, Gerry Casey (GMG3 60-62) is standing on the right
entering the hospitality suite. Exiting is Don Hentges (EM2 58-61).
Seated are _______, Dixie Prince (Wally Prince, DC3 56-58),
Lucy and Bill Kennelly (BMSN 57-60),
and Michelle McEvoy (Bill "Mac" McEvoy, YN3, 55-58).


Bob Ludema (SH3 51-55), Dale Fogel (RM2 50-53), ______, and
______. Standing is Leo Dougherty (RM2 67-68), founder, in 1987,
of the USS Gearing Association. At the Albany reunion
Leo was elected Chairman for the next 2 years.