USS Gearing DD-710
2015 reunion,
Norfolk, Virginia.

Photos and captions
from Bill Latta (PC3 65-67)
"Fundraiser auction and the banquet"

6506 – Leo Dougherty (RM2, 1967-68) leads as the auctioneer during the Ladies’ Auction, the primary fundraiser that supports the USS Gearing (DD-710) Association.

6507 – Lee Dougherty (RM2, 1967-68) presents an umbrella hat, donated for the cause that is up for bids, during the annual Ladies’ Auction.

6508 – A former Gearing shipmate tries on the umbrella hat to insure it is a good fit before bidding on it during the annual Ladies’ Auction. Joan Witkowski, assisting with the donations up for bids, helps him try it on.

6510 – Leo Dougherty calls for bids while Pam Baker, Faye Latta, and Marie Bento assist him with the auction items up for bid.

6513 – Goldie Goldstein playfully volunteered as a live model for some flamboyant items during the Ladies’ Auction.

6515 –Those participating in the annual Ladies’ Auction often discover a desirable gem among the items up for auction and want to take a closer look before making a serious bid. Bidding can often be very competitive for many items in the auction. But it is all in fun and always for a great cause.

6517 – This watercolor painting of the pre-FRAM Gearing, once owned by a former Gearing captain, garnered the most attention and highest bid during the Ladies’ Auction.

6521 – Marie Bento shows off the painting of the pre-FRAM Gearing so everyone can see it during the auction.

6523 – Marie Bento continues to show the pre-FRAM Gearing during heated bidding for it. The painting, once owned by a former Gearing captain, brought the highest bid during the event.

6524 – Faye and Bill Latta (PC3, 1965-67) pause for a photo before the reunion banquet.

6525 – Dan Donohue (FTG3, 1965-66) and his wife Maureen arrive for the reunion banquet.

6526 – Pam and Ken Baker (ETN3, 1962-64) pause for a photo before the reunion banquet.

6527 – Ray Bento (GMSN, 1956-60) and his wife Marie pause for a photo before the reunion banquet.

6528 – Sandy Cuny, wife of Paul Cuny (EM2 1959-62); Faye Latta, wife of Bill Latta (PC3, 1965-67); and Kay O’Neill, wife of Dan O’Neill (BT2, 1957-60) enjoy each other’s company before the reunion banquet.

6531 – Frank Goetschius (LTJG, 1963-65) enjoys an impromptu kiss from his wife Nancy in the hotel corridor before the reunion banquet.

6535 – The hotel corridor waiting area begins to fill with former Gearing shipmates, their spouses, relatives, and friends before the reunion banquet begins.

6539 Bill Basnett ((FN, 1956-57) and his wife DeLois chat with the Norfolk reunion hosts, Sam Stewart (MM1, 9955-58) and his lovely wife Roxy.

6540 – Dan O’Neill (BT2, 1957-60) and Dan Donohue (FTG3, 1965-66) chat a few minutes in the hotel corridor.

6541 – Pam Baker, wife of Ken Baker (ETN3, 1962-64) chats with Leo Dougherty (RM2, 1967-68) and his wife Ti enjoy conversation before the reunion banquet.

6548 – Donald Hilaman (FTSN, 1952-54), Don Hentges (??, 19??-??), and _________?________ (??, 19??) enjoy each other’s company while waiting for the reunion banquet to begin.

6557 – Shipmates, spouses, and friends enjoy visiting with each other during the banquet. Clockwise, left to right are: Roy Roberge (??, 19??-??) and his wife Nancy; _______?_________ and ________?__________ (?? -, 19??), Jack Cole (QM2, 1970-72), and _________?_________.

6561 – George Weber (FPG3, 1951-55) enjoys being with his grandson ___________ (center) and his son Thomas Weber (a twenty two-year Navy vet) at the banquet.

6566 – Phil Meilak (CSSN, 1962-64) and his wife Mary Ann enjoy visiting with former shipmates at the reunion banquet table like Leo Dougherty (RM2, 1967-68) and his wife Ti and Ken Baker (ETN3, 1962-64) and his wife Pam.

6569 – Roland Costen (SN, 1964-66) and his wife Jeanaloa were delighted to get to visit with many of his former shipmates who served on the USS Gearing when he did during the reunion banquet.

6577 – Charles Ankney (SN, 1957-59) and his wife Ruth Ann make a quick pose for the camera during the reunion banquet

6578 – Donald Hilaman (FTSN, 1952-54) and Dave Petrie (SN, 1956-58) enjoy a bit of horseplay during the banquet. It appears some things never change.

6580 – The presentation of the colors was by cadets of the First Colonial High School Navy ROTC color guard.

6581 – The young cadets from the First Colonial High School Navy ROTC color guard brought back images and memories of our former Navy days.

6584 – All fell silent as we watched the cadets, one-by-one, speak about each object placed on the Table of Honor for departed shipmates. Following the pronouncement about each symbol on the table, each cadet snapped to attention and saluted the table and the missing shipmates it represented. The young cadets made it a very dignified and reverent experience.

6585 – Cadets of the First Colonial High School Navy ROTC make a final salute to complete the ceremony.

6586 – The entertainment was old favorite songs by a former U.S. Marine, ________? _________, in the crooner style of Frank Sinatra. He seemed to especially favor serenading the ladies.

6590 – The music was slow and at-ease for dancing, great for us folks who don’t move quite as fast as we used to. But, from the numbers of people on the dance floor, a good many of us still seem to have what it takes.

6592 - __________? ____________, a former U.S. Marine entertains to the rhythm and lyrics of old Sinatra favorites.

6594 – Sam and Roxy Stewart enjoy the laid back charm of the singer and the old Sinatra songs.

6595 – Sam Stewart seems to be getting a little red in the face by the attention the crooner is giving him and Roxy during the banquet, which is the closing event of the reunion.