Ens. Malcolm Trowbridge

This photo was clipped from a group photo of
USS Gearing's plankowner officers that appears
as photo #15 of the William Tolar collection
of USS Gearing photos taken in 1945-1946.
A better quality photo of Ens Trowbridge appears
on George Jones' USS Gearing History website at

In July 1995 Beverly Trowbridge wrote a detailed account of her husband Malcolm Trowbridge's service aboard USS Gearing in 1945 and 1946. Ms. Trowbridge prepared this bit of Ens. Trowbridge's Navy experience for her grandchildren, but in July 2010 found that it could easily be shared with USS Gearing shipmates by letting us post it here.

We offer herewith a salute to the late Malcolm Trowbridge and say "Many Thanks" to Beverly Trowbridge for her generous contribution to the collection of Gearing stories that appear within this web site.

CLICK to open a 12 page .pdf file
"Memories of stories told by
Grandpa Malcolm Trowbridge, Jr."
by Beverly Trowbridge, July 1995