(Each month will be a .PDF file, between 300k and 1 megabyte in size.)

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Eric Sanmpson recently bought a Pitts S-1S and then worked on
getting his tailwheel endorsement before he dared fly it.
After several hours of training with an instructor in a
two-place Pitts S2 and getting signed off, Eric flew his Pitts for
the first time on October 17th and got a feel for landings on
Monmouth Executive's long runway. His story, in detail is in the
December 2020 Propwash. Eric ends his story with, "I finally got back
out there again on 11/6. This time I took it 20 miles to Ocean County
(MJX) near Toms River, as the winds were favoring their wide 24 runway.
I went up above the pattern and at 5K' got my first real taste of aerobatics."

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David G. MacMillan died on October 23, 2020 at the age of 88.
See a 2013 photo of him with his Boeing A75N1 PT17, N300LY
on the EAA Chapter 501 webpage www.eaa501.org
In our November calendar photo Dave, in March 2015, is at his
Warwick Aerodrome office headquarters.

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After the Goodyear blimp hovered over the Giants-Steelers game on
September 14 it tied down for the night at Orange County Airport.
Charlie Derk found it the next day not far from his hangar and
got a tour. Not much blimp activity this year in the New York area,
and the New York Post said that "social media" was lit up that
Monday night with UFO sightings.
Here are the Goodyear blimp links...

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In August, Charlie Derk's new RV-10 is getting its first finish in the
Lancaster Aero paint shop at Smoketown, Pennsylvania.
Charlie hopes N688CD will be all done and home at MGJ by Labor Day.
(The yellow you see is probably primer.
Final colors should be red, black and white.)

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Charlie Derk made a round trip to Charlotte, NC on June 29 and got this photo
on the way back to MGJ, landing the RV-10 just as evening fog was starting to form
after daytime thunder showers. His story is in the August Propwash.

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Newark Airport's terminal gates were mostly vacant on April 26
as Eric Sampson was cleared to fly a low approach to Runway 4R.
The skies were mostly empty of aircraft as well because of the
near shutdown of commercial airline traffic as the coronavirus
pandemic was peaking. Eric and other general aviation pilots
took the opportunity to give New York Approach controllers
some work to do by requesting, and often getting, approaches
at EWR, LGA and JFK. Pilots took care to not touch down because
of the big landing fee bill they could get in the mail.

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On Tuesday, April 28, 2020, EAA Chapter 501's Eric Sampson organized the
"rescue flight" of nine dogs in three aircraft, flown from Ocean City Maryland
to Lincoln Park, NJ for handoff to local shelters that were nearly empty.
Stay-at-home rules during the coronavirus pandemic has prompted many
families to adopt cats and dogs for company. The calendar photo was taken
just as Eric and Phoebe DeSantis had landed at Lincoln Park Airport.
Phoebe holds one of the six pups that they carried aboard.
The other five disembarked shortly thereafter.

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On April 6th, 2020 Charlie Derk flew his RV-10 N688CD on its maiden flight.
The photos were screen captured from a video
of the takeoff believed to have been taken by Casey Derk.
The departure was at 08:21am from an MGJ runway.

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At the September 29, 2019 Young Eagles event, Larry Kalb demos
to his passengers and parents the flight function of ailerons.

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Charlie Derk started his RV-10 project in the basement of his Park Ridge
home in October 2015. It soon expanded to take over the garage. In December 2019
the fuselage, on a flatbed, followed by a rented UHaul truck made their way to the
RV-10's new home in an MGJ hangar. The photo outside the MGJ hangar was taken on
February 17th. Charlies detailed "Build Log" is at https://n688cd.wordpress.com/

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Mike Dzurny's 1947 Luscombe 8E Silvaire at Aeroflex-Andover on November 20, 2019.
Dick Wedemeyer's 1971 Piper Cherokee 140 at Caldwell on December 8, 2017.

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Out on a cold day in March 2019 in his C120, Steve Vail spotted a big flock
of snow geese huddled on Warren County's Merrill Creek Reservoir (April 2019 Propwash).