(Each month will be a .PDF file, between 300k and 1 megabyte in size.)

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On October 14th Eric Sampson posted photos and a message on his Facebook page... "I flew 400 miles today and helped five adorable puppies make their journey from the Carolinas to Long Island, NY where they will now find their fur-ever homes!" Eric's Pilots & Paws mission took him from Lincoln Park, NJ to Easton, MD (where he got the puppy handoff from an aircraft that flew in from North Carolina) to destination Long Island MacArthur (Sheltair), and then returning home again to N07.

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Chapter 501's first Young Eagles Flight Rally in two years was on September 19th with six of our pilots giving free rides to 42 kids. On our November calendar page, the Young Eagle getting his photo taken is showing off his Y.E. certificate and log book. Aircraft in the back ground are Jeff Ross's Piper Aztec, Matt Lamm's Cessna 182 and Charlie Derk's RV-10.

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In early September Eric Sampson spent 10 days on an aircraft ferry mission to remember... to Alaska and back. Our October calendar photo is one of many Eric took while flying in good weather. He delivered a 1956 Cessna 182 to its new owner in Birchwood, Alaska, near Anchorage, and picked up a 1964 Cessna 182 at Merrill Field in Anchorage for delivery to its owner in Williston, North Dakota.

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At the Fly Market flea market of AirVenture this year Dave Morrison got a photo of a 2 axle roadworthy airliner cabin. It'll never fly again. Looks like the conversion is dedicated to trucking a variety of aircraft parts for sale to fly-ins across the country.

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On July 23rd, Peter Nancoz was the first Chapter 501 member to "sign in" at Oshkosh by emailing us two photos titled "Oshkosh!". They become our August calendar page. Pete added, "I'm in row 517 in the north 40. Feel free to stop by and say hello!"

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On June 5th, Chapter 501's 2021 Fly-In went off on schedule with fine weather at Warwick, NY Aerodrome. We registered about three dozen visiting aircraft from four states. Chef-for-the-day Larry Kalb expertly grilled hot dogs or hamburgers for all takers until we ran out of food. Our July calendar photo features Bart Cocchiola directing a Cessna 182 to parking.

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On May 14 Steve Vail flew his Cessna 120 up to beautiful Warwick Aerodrome for a closer look at what will become the base of operations on June 5, weather permitting, of Chapter 501's 2021 Fly-In, thanks to the invite from the Warwick Valley Pilots' Association. After taking our June calendar photo Steve opted to land on turf Runway 8, the runway that will be NOTAMed closed during the Fly-In and used for parking of visiting aircraft.
CLICK for Steve's 1.5 minute video of his landing.

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Bill Anderes' son-in-law recently emailed him several photos-of-photos. The un-labeled originals, of Jennies, were taken by a family relative, probably between 1918 and 1923. The formation flight of Curtiss JN-4s was believed to be over Long Island where several Army Air Corp bases did their flight training. Curtiss manufactured nearly 7,000 JN-4s from 1915 to the armistice in November 1918. Bill commented, "Note the solid undercast! Not the kind of weather back then to be practicing formation flying unless there might have been open sky over open water nearby."

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On March 12th New Jersey Aviation Hall of Fame and Museum's Executive Director Ralph Villecca and President Steve Riethof gave a quick 3 minute tour for News12 New Jersey to show that they are open for tours and that their first "Open Cockpit Day" will be on April 10th.
Click here to go to the NJAHOF website.
Click here to watch the NEWS12NJ video.
We screen-captured Steve Riethof (who is also an EAA Chapter 501 member) doing his bit for the video, and he now appears on both our website and our downloadable April 2021 calendar page. When asked about the light he was holding Steve replied... "Yep, this is the three-light gun (red, green, white) for signaling; although seldom needed now, they are still available in towers and pilots must know the code meanings. Way back, when there were single unreliable radios ("coffee grinders", etc. ) I was "shot down" three times. One was at TEB when I was at the old Paterson Beacon and I saw the light from ten miles away!"

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On Saturday, February 20, Charlie Derk put the word out for a Sunday Lunch Fly-Out to Westfield, Massachusetts' Westfield-Barnes Airport (KBAF, home of F-15s of the 104th Fighter Wing of the Mass. ANG).
Our March calendar photo of Charlie and his RV-10 with the ice and snow-covered Hudson River and the Catskills in the distance, was taken by Christopher Lee, flying his MGJ-based Mooney. On a rare clear day in February, they were on the way northeast from Orange County to Westfield.

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Back on December 8th, Eric Sampson flew the last leg of a Pilots & Paws rescue that originated in Tennessee. "Faye", an adult coon dog mix, rode with Eric abaord his Cherokee from Pittsburgh to Teterboro Airport where she was turned over to a foster family from Englewood for adaption, maybe before Christmas. Eric took our February calendar picture while on long final to TEB's Runway 6. That's Route 17 in the foreground.

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A month ago, on December 12, Charlie Derk flew a Pilots & Paws mission from Tappahannock, Virginia to Republic, Farmingdale, NY, Airport. The January calendar photo was taken upon arrival at Farmingdale when pups were turned over to volunteers who ready them for delivery to new homes. When Charlie posted the photo on Facebook he commented...
"So how many rescue puppies fit in a Vans RV-10?
At least 16... 8 Rottweilers, 7 Lab/Pit mixes, and a little runt."