Aeroflex-Andover Airport Fly-In, June 8, 2019

(Updated 7/14/19.)
Our Fly-In photos can be found on the web in two places.
You can scroll down here to see 95 photos taken by
Allen Dunn, Don Provost and Steve Vail.

Jon Seibert's collection of 167 photos can be found
in an album on Chapter 501's "alternate webpage".
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EAA Chapter 501 hosted its 29th Fly-In, on June 8, 2019.
This is the second time that Aeroflex-Andover (12N) Airport has welcomed us. After being rained out twice in 2018, 6/08/19 was a perfect Spring day. Our host, Airport Manager John Flyntz, let us use the ramp on the west side of the field for our base of operations and parking of visiting aircraft. It worked out great!

Our Fly-In Chairman Steve Vail got major help from...
Ground Control - Mike Dzurny
Registration - Lee McQuade
Chief Judge - Ron Reinartz
Food Service - Larry Kalb
Helping in many areas were Allen Dunn, Bryant Dunn, Allan Feid, Jr.,
Nick Kapotes, Vince Lalomia, Matt Lamm, Bob Menier, Tom Ploch,
Don Provost, Walt Reuter, Jeff Ross, Eric Sampson, Diane Sandow,
John Santucci, Paul Schulman, and Jon Seibert.

In addition to helping to host our Fly-In activities, several of our pilots were also able to fly a handful of Young Eagles and Eagle Flights.

More than 50 aircraft flew in from 4 states.
17 of them registered for judging.

The award winners were...
Best Custombuilt: Raffaele Signorise, Zenith C650.
Best Classic: Vince Lalomia, Cessna 170.
Best Contemporary: Steve Miller, Cessna 172.
Best Warbird: Rod McKenzie, J3.
People's Choice: Bob Greenall, RV-7.

95 photos taken by Allen Dunn, Steve Vail and Don Provost.

Photos taken by Allen Dunn, Steve Vail and Don Provost.