***** June 5, 2021 *****

EAA Chapter 501 held its 30th Fly-In on June 5th,
returning to Warwick Municipal Airport (N72)
for the first time in 12 years, welcomed by the
pilots of the Warwick Valley Pilots' Association.

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Fly-In Chairman Steve Vail recalls...
"Planes I remember or can confirm by FlightAware: 22 aircraft (including 7 member planes) of 20 types (5 experimental, 4 vintage/classic, 1 gyro, 8 Cessna, 4 Piper, 1 American Champion, 1 Mooney, 1 Lancair/Columbia). 37 individuals signed the registry.
Total in attendance was probably at least double or triple that... call it 75 or so? If anyone recalls (or has photos of) something I missed, please let me know (Vail@EAA501.org). If you have photos, please send to Don (Provost@EAA501.org) for PropWash and/or the website."
1. Cocchiola Citabria
2. Vail C120
3. Feid Kitfox
4. Derk RV10
5. Morrison 206
6. Ross Arrow
7. Inglett Cherokee
8. C182 on amphib floats
9. Hatz biplane
10. Eclipse Gyroplane
11. C172 from MMU
12. C172 from Brookhaven
13. 172 from Aero Safety training that dropped Beck off
14. T34
15. Former Ploch PA-12
16. Harris C140
17. Glassair
18. Glastar
19. Flitfire J3
20. Lancair/Columbia 350 (confirmed by FlightAware)
21. Mooney (confirmed by FlightAware)
22. C152 (FlightAware).

Photos taken by Steve Vail, Jon Seibert and Don Provost.

Photos taken by Steve Vail, Jon Seibert and Don Provost.